Al Sadd Multipurpose Hall

Project Description

Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena – Al Sadd Multipurpose Hall, owned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is the sports jewel of Doha, Qatar. It supports all activities, including games and training sessions, related to Handball, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena, of a total site area of about 84,700 m2, a gross building area of approximately 54,600 m2 and a total capacity of 7,700 spectators, was developed following high quality international sports standards for training, and applying innovative technologies regarding the respective sports. The design of the arena, is generally applauded for being the first in the world to receive a four stars certification, by the Gulf Organization of Research and Development, in line with GSAS, the Qatar sustainability assessment system. The stunning related metrics refer to 100% Greywater Recycling and Reuse, 30% Lower Energy Consumption and 20% Recycled Content Materials. The full Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena complex includes the main building of the arena and two training halls, as well as the microwave tower, intended for the use of media broadcasting. A great number of facilities is arranged around Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya, such as gazebos, bicycle paths, water features and new road and vehicle routes, as well as a basement parking of 165 underground spaces and a covered, external one. Moreover, there are 10 external gated entrances, along with an exclusive VVIP entrance / drop off and parking area, an athletes’ entrance and a handicapped entrance.

Project Details

Type: Sport facilities, Stadium
Location: Doha, Qatar
Contractor: AKTOR SA
Total area: 16.000m2
Capacity: 7.686
Status: Completed in 2014